History of the Wedding Dress Part 2

Prior to new medicine, a long and healthy life was not really that easy to attain, but other people attempted to make sure that they had outstanding chance for success by following superstition. Many superstitions grew over the years around weddings, to bring about the brides happiness in her new house and of course to guarantee her fertility. The colour of the wedding gown was believed fashionably to bring luck to the couple.

White, or a form of white, was, after all always the favourite and symbolised a woman’s virginity and virtue in the face of her imminent change of circumstances. White, though, was not always the favourite choice and was considered not practical for most purposes. Blue (worn by a bride in 1870, whose wedding dress is displayed in the London Museum), with its connection to the Virgin Mary, represented a robust image of purity, which, by tradition symbolised faithfulness and never-ending love (this gave rise to the reason that sapphires were used in engagement earrings). Brides, who wore blue at their wedding, believed that their husbands would be faithful to them, so even when the wedding dress was not blue, they would ensure that they wore something blue on their wedding day. This is where the tradition that has survived to present day, came from.

Another popular colour was pink; this was considered very appropriate for a May wedding. Pink flatters most complexions and is associated with the bride’s girlhood, but a few superstitions said it to be unlucky, as the quote state “Marry in pink and your fortunes will sink”! Mrs Joseph Nollekens was very much considered fashionable in 1772 in her saque gown made from brocaded white silk embellished with delicate crimson flowers. She also wore shoes made from the similar material, which had heels of three and a half inches (approx. 8cm). Deeper shades of red were unquestionably taboo by the Victorian era, with the reference to scarlet ladies and hussies.

One of the most unpopular shades was green. This was thought to be the colour of the fairies, and it was considered bad luck to call the attention of the little people to oneself through a time of change. Green was also linked with the lushness of verdant foliage and it was believed that it could cause rain to spoil the wedding day.

Reminiscent of the days of homemade clothing, any natural hue of brown or beige was once considered very bucolic. And the saying is “Marry in brown you will live out of town” and implied that you are going to be country bumpkin and that you would never be able to do well in the city.

The intense shades of yellow have varied in popularity. During the eighteenth century it was considered THE fashionable colour for a short time and many would wear it for their wedding day, like a bride of around 1774 whose wedding dress is in the Gallery of English Costume in Manchester. However prior to this time yellow had been related to heathens and non Christians and would not be worn in church as it was considered an unholy colour!

A very common colour wedding dress, for brides from lower class families, was grey, mainly because it was a very useful colour that could easily be re-used as Sunday best, being considered extremely well thought-of. Mary Brownfield chose grey twilled silk as suitable, as a maiden woman of 32 years at the time of her marriage in 1842. Grey was associated with women in domestic services during Victorian times, and they would frequently be supplied with a brand new gray dress once every 12 months by their employer. The deeper shade of gray or black was banned, as it was linked with mourning and of course death. As a matter of fact it was once seen as such a loathsome harbinger of bad luck, that in a few places even the wedding guests were not allowed to wear it. A recent widow would adjust her mourning dress for a red gown for the wedding day, to protect the bride. At the same time this deepened the aversion towards red, which was once considered as bridal mourning.

For the brides who were compelled by personal economics into wearing a dress which would soon become their every day wear, would embellish it for their wedding day with temporary decorations. In fact up until the nineteenth century, ribbons were tied into bows or “love knots” and loosely affixed to the wedding dress. “Bride Laces” as they were called would be pulled off by the wedding guests during the wedding reception, and would be kept as wedding ceremony favours, or souvenirs. This practice steadily died out and was replaced with flowers instead. Guests could be given floral button-holes to put on, and the bride may wear flowers in her hair either as a corsage or garlanded around her Wedding Dress, otherwise she can carry them as a bouquet. Myrtle and Rosemary were two of the early favourites. Orange blossom became fashionable in the 1830s. This practice has, in fact, remains to present day – Regardless of how simply dressed; many brides will have included a flower or two somewhere within their outfit! Charlotte Pennell married George Hill in 1910, when she was nearing 40 and never had any intention of wearing a “once only” dress. However she did embellish her fashionable attire with a posy of flowers in her hat and had a matching bouquet.

The “conventional” wedding attire as we now know it now first appeared in the latter part of the eighteenth century. With the beginning of mechanically made fabrics and inexpensive muslins being imported from India and with styles inspired by the classical world, by eighteen hundred a white wedding gown with a veil was fashionable choice. As was usual with fashion, it started in London and soon extended to other cities and eventually to the country villages. This new fashion was given the royal approval when Princess Charlotte wore this style of attire at her marriage to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg in 1816. Queen Victoria in 1840 selected Honiton lace and white silk for her wedding which made it the fashionable rule. Also setting new fashion, the Queen was to be one of the first royal brides to have had bridesmaids carry her train.

Even a bride in the nineteenth century, who decided to wear a white wedding dress, would have expected to wear her dress again. For the season of “bride visits” she would visit close family and friends and as a newly married woman, she would wear her wedding dress, with the decorative flowers and train removed. A more affluent bride might then modify the bodice of the outfit (frequently made independently) and re-trim it for evening attire or for any other occasion. Queen Victoria herself took off the lace overskirt from her dress and regularly used it again, she was to wear it over a black silk gown for her Diamond Jubilee festivities over 50 years later.

Up until the Nineteen Twenties wedding gowns were always in fashion, just more elaborately embellished than standard and maybe slightly more modest than the most daring fashion. During the 20’s however, there was a complete revolution in all women’s clothing, where skirt hemlines rose from just above the shoe to well above the knee. To begin with wedding dress styles followed and brides would show their ankles; however as skirts grew ever more shortened, it seemed that some felt that it was not suitable for services in church and most brides gave preference to full-length wedding dresses. This choice of either following the seasonal fashion or reverting to a full length wedding dress and train led to the devolvement of completely separate style during the twentieth century which would sometimes echo but more often diverge from mainstream fashion (like the Vionnet couture design of 1926).

This change was magnified by the interruption caused by the Second World War due to clothing being rationed, uniforms were everywhere, and light-heartedness was looked down on. At the end of the war, fashion returned and brides were evermore keen to wear long wedding dresses made from sumptuous fabrics for their wedding day. This trend took place irrespective of the growing popularity of casual wear, easy wear apparel and trousers for women. As fashion has developed into a more at ease and sporty attire, wedding fashions have deviated further, so much so, that although each decade’s brides can be easily distinguished through the fashion then in vogue, it is not because of the fact that that the fashion’s resemblance to typical fashion.

Get the Car of Your Dreams for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is an opportunity to make it unique and memorable. It is important to have aspects of it that you will always remember. One way to add some new elements to it is with a vintage wedding car for hire. You can pick from a wide variety of amazing vehicle. They are older model classics which have been restored, polished, and they are very inviting.

Some of them only hold a couple and others are designed to hold many more people. Think about what you plan to offer before you consider any vintage wedding car for hire. If you have a small budget to work with, it is fine to get one vehicle for only the newlyweds. Your guests are going to understand!

If you have a larger budget to work with, you may decide to hire several vintage wedding car for hire. This can offer transportation for your entire wedding party. You can also offer it for special guests such as parents and grandparents of the couple.
Express your Desires

Don’t get locked into the traditional limo, it is your wedding, make it what you want! Do you love the Rolls Royce but have never been in one? Now you can have that opportunity and it will be a classy touch on your wedding day. It can give you a thrilling experience that enhances how you feel on your special day.

Shop in Person

When possible, shop for vintage wedding car for hire in person. This gives you the opportunity to look at the specific vehicles a company offers. It also gives you a chance to get in them and see how they feel. You want a vehicle that looks awesome but also is very comfortable. Is it going to be easy for you to get in and out of it wearing your wedding attire?

Finding out this information in the planning stages will prevent any dampers from getting in your way on the wedding day. There isn’t going to be time to change vehicles or make accommodations so you have to know what you are getting well in advance.

Shopping in person for a vintage wedding car for hire also allows you to interact with the company. You need to determine if they are friendly, reliable, and can follow through with what you need. If there is any shadow of doubt, find another company to work with. Once you find the best resource and the price is right, get all of the details of the contract in writing.

It is important to do so in order to feel confident it will all flow like it should. Depending on the provider, you may need to pay a portion of the rental amount at the time you secure the date and the vehicles. Then you will pay the balance to them on the wedding day.

Six Month Window

For the best outcome, make sure you secure your vintage wedding car for hire at least six months prior to your wedding date. The best providers may have amazing vehicles and plenty of them, but their calendar is often booked solid. You don’t want to end up paying too much or with a vehicle you don’t really like because you waited too long to get this scheduled.

When you start looking around early, you can compare offers and you will be able to look at a variety of vehicles. You will have time to ask your questions and not feel pressured to seal the deal on the spot. You want this to be an exciting part of your wedding planning so start with it early and it will help you to secure terrific vehicles for the best price.

Get to and From Your Wedding in Style

All eyes will be on you when you arrive at the wedding location in an amazing vehicle. It is a fun way for you to get the day off to a romantic and thrilling start. You have so many choices when it comes to wedding transport vehicles. Think about what you love the most and find it! Most providers have a great selection so if you look around early, you can have your pick that day.

Pick up and Drop Off

You don’t have to worry about getting around, parking, or anything when you secure wedding transport. They will pick you up at the location of your choice and drop you off at the wedding location. If you desire, they will also be there to take you as a new couple to the reception location. The amount of time you wish to secure the rental is up to you.

If you would like them to take you home after the reception, that can be arranged to. Most providers of wedding transport are very flexible and they want to accommodate all of your needs. You may decide to have them pick up your entire wedding party and take them to the location of the wedding too. Depending on the size of the vehicle, it may be several trips.

If you are in quite a crunch to pay for the wedding transport, you may ask what the cost would be for them to drop you off only and then pick you up at a set time. If the location of the vehicles isn’t too far away, they may do this and not charge you for the several hours in between. It doesn’t hurt to find out what options you may have to get the car you want for the least cost.

Routes and Planning

Most people are a bundle of nerves on their wedding day, and they don’t need anything to get in the way of what they plan to do. With wedding transport in place, they can take care of the routes and other planning for you. If the weather is adverse, they can pick you up earlier to ensure there is plenty of time to get to the wedding location on time.

They are on top of it, and they will find out about any special events that same day. There may be a concert or major sporting event the same day as your wedding. They will be able to offset the travel times to ensure you aren’t stuck in traffic when you should be getting dressed and having your hair done or being there for wedding photos!

They can also account for traffic as they know the routes and what the flow of traffic is like at given times and given days. If there is a slow-moving route due to an accident or other issue, they will know alternates to take in order to get you where you need to be. Allow the wedding transport driver to take care of it all. You can just relax and enjoy the ride!

Read those Terms

Take the time to read all the terms associated with your wedding transport so you don’t have any problems or disappointments the day of your wedding. There can be plenty of variations among providers and how they handle such services. If you need anything special to accommodate you, make sure you ask them about it far in advance.

If you would like to bring along your own playlist for the vehicle, make sure they allow it. You also need to know what types of connections they have to offer the music in a given vehicle. You don’t what to have a problem incompatibility.

Unusual Wedding Venues You Will Find in Great Falls

Great Falls has emerged as a highly reveled paradise for stylish weddings. It has top rated venues that will make your wedding unforgettable. Indeed, Great Falls has more than that by providing diverse, unusual wedding venues for the couples that want an extra thrill. Here are some of the most unusual wedding venues you will find in Great Falls.

Farm Barns

Farms barns in Montana are used to mean the holistic value that a family attaches to an activity or event. When used as a wedding venue, they provide a unique country environment that is unrivaled. Most of the barns are large enough and can be converted to spacious wedding rooms with unique decorations, lighting, and receptions. Your wedding videos with rich country images will remind the couples of their love for their entire life.

Farm Ranches

Great Falls is a place of many ranches. By converting ranches into top wedding venues, new couples can now walk down the aisle in style. The ranches have picturesque scenery and provide a lot of space so that all the visitors can enjoy the event. Even before you get into the selected ranches, the enthralling scenery will set the mood right so that the event will be unforgettable.

Traditional wedding venues

Traditional wedding venues in Great Falls bring a rich connection with culture for the new couple and guests. They have traditional setting including decorations and even local traditional delicacies that will be very enjoyable. One unique thing about traditional wedding venues is that everything is carefully set by professionals so that the wedding can draw meaning from dishes, artwork, entertainment, décor, and landscaping.

The boulder ridge

Boulder Ridge is a unique point that every new couple wants its event to be associated with. The ridge is located on the shores of River Missouri and has breath-taking scenery with ridges running beautifully in the background. The venue creates a unique connection to nature that couples can use to enrich their love and find greater meaning in life.

The great falls on River Missouri

The Great Falls is an enthralling point in River Missouri where the water goes through rapids to give an enthralling view ideal for top events like weddings. The venue is unusual because it falls inside a protected area and the environment is very rich. The reflection of Missouri waters and green vegetation in the background will help to decorate the venue and make the occasion unforgettable.

Colonial venues

While museums and conservation centers remind people some past, the colonial wedding venues make the memories more vivid. The richness of history, when invoked in a major event such as wedding will make every visitor develop a unique connection with the wedding. Your reception, images, and videos will always provoke the sense of the rich colonial history of the great nation.

To make your wedding more enjoyable, valuable, and unforgettable in the minds of all the guests, consider selecting an unusual venue. Make sure that the venue matches well with the theme and captures the richness of nature in the Great Falls. You cannot gob wrong with the 6 unusual wedding venues in Great Falls.

Great Tips for Your Wedding Transporting

There are so many ways you can benefit with wedding cars but there may be some things crop up you didn’t account for. Being ready for just about anything is a good idea. Then you won’t be stressed and you can get over those little humps in the road. If you do have an issue, let your driver know. They realise how important your wedding is to you and they want to help.

They may have dealt with similar issues in the past, and they will have good solutions to help you get things back on track. Find out if you can have food and drinks in the wedding cars. They are often allowed, and some providers will even stock them with an assortment of snacks and beverages. Others don’t allow it though so you should find out before you assume it is fine.

Know the Car

While you pick out the car for the wedding, think about what you will be wearing. This is more of a concern for the bride than the groom. Some vehicles are quite low to the ground and you want to protect your dress. Others have a step on them and that can be tricky in certain shoes. You may need to evaluate the best option so you can gracefully get in and out of the vehicle.

The driver should be able to accommodate you too. Often, they will come around and open the door. They will also lend and hand for each passenger to make it easier for them to get in and out of the vehicle. It is a good idea to ask if such a service is offered from your provider.


It is a good idea to have your photographer picked up with the wedding cars. They are going to be a huge part of the record of your event so don’t leave them out. At the very least, make sure they are at the location of the wedding when you arrive in the vehicles. Then they can capture some candid photos of you arriving to get ready for your day.

They should also be right there when the wedding is over and you are getting into the wedding cars afterwards. After all, that will be one of the first moments of the two of you as a married couple. Such photos are going to be ones you treasure due to their significance.

Follow Up with Arrangements

You may have secured your wedding cars months in advance, but you still need to follow up. Touch base with the provider about a month before your wedding day. Tell them you just want to make sure it is still all on schedule. It only takes a few minutes and it will put your mind at ease. They don’t mind you checking on it at all!

Call Sheet

Create a call sheet that has the addresses and phone numbers of all who will be using the wedding cars. The driver should have a clear address and time to pick them up. If they don’t answer the door, they may be worried. They need to have a home and cell number to call them and see where they are. Hopefully, it won’t be an issue but those numbers help if it does.

Without a call sheet, the driver may have no choice but to leave without them and go pick up the next person. This may be necessary for them to stay on schedule. They may be trying to call you to get details about someone and that can create stress for you. Give them the details they need at their fingertips to save time and delays.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bespoke Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress for your wedding day is exciting and fun, but it can also be frustrating if you can’t find the gown of your dreams. Your wedding dress is one of things that really should be perfect, not just “OK”, which is why many people turn to dress designers to create the perfect bespoke wedding dress for their big day.

Of course it takes a more time to work with a bridal gown designer to create a unique dress that has been made just for you, but the end result will be stunning and you will be wearing a one-off on your big day. If you are thinking of ordering a bespoke wedding dress, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect bridal gown for you.

Find your inspiration

Having a bespoke bridal dress made for you provides you with the opportunity to have a real input into the design of your dress, so do your research first to get ideas on how you would like your gown to look. You can start by looking at wedding magazines or going online and looking sites like Pinterest for ideas. You might want to incorporate some of your own ideas into the design too, such as a feature from your mother’s wedding dress, or something else that is particularly meaningful to you.

Choose a designer who you can work with

Different designers will have different styles and different approaches to design, so it’s important that you choose a designer that you are 100% happy that you can work with. The first step is to look at their work online and then it is essential that you meet with the designer before you make any type of commitment.

Trust your designer

Once you have chosen a designer, you will need to work with them to create the gown of your dreams. While it is important to remember that it is your day and it is your dress, you will need to place quite a lot of trust in your designer too. Take on board their ideas and be patient, because it can take many visits over many months for a bespoke wedding dress to be completed.

Leave plenty of time

Make sure that you know what the turnaround time is for a bespoke dress before you order it, because designers will usually charge extra for a rush job. The best wedding dress designers will usually take about eight to nine months to complete a bespoke wedding dress, so you need leave plenty of time to have the dress made for you.

Take just one person with you to the initial meeting

Taking your friends and your family to fittings is all part of the fun and excitement of the build-up to a wedding, but don’t let your entourage get in the way of you having what you want, especially for the first meeting with a wedding dress designer. On the first few visits, when you are making important decisions about your dress, it is advisable to only take one trusted friend or family member with you for a bit of support and advice.

Make it your dream dress

When you wear a bespoke bridal gown, it can be your own. It’s a wonderful opportunity to incorporate your own ideas into the design, have the perfect shape and style for you, and to have all the little, unique details that will make your wedding dress a very special one-off. Work with a bespoke wedding dress designer and they will turn your dream wedding dress into a reality for you.

Step Up Your Wedding

Are you in a mood to surefire and add that extra edge to your wedding space? We give you two sure shot ideas!

1. Venue Draping

Gorgeous draping is one hundred percent sure to catch the notice of your guests! What is best suggested is the 40 Denier Satin specifically for the draping fabric. You may have heard a lot about Gossamer Fabric. It is an awesome lightweight fabric that one frequently uses on the drop down ceilings. Yet, what we suggest is the, 40 Denier Satin Fabric. Here is why!

With the ceiling and wall draping fabric, the principal factor that makes the most handsome drapes is the width of the fabric. You can always call the fabric places and tell them you want a fabric that is 108″ wide and 144″ wide. One more very noteworthy issue to pass is to use fabric for draping that is lightweight. You have to explore a satin which is light enough to use in ceiling draping. Using the wrong fabric, or using too much fabric, could actually pull down a drop ceiling installation. For that, we suggest the, 40 Denier Satin Fabric, for venue draping.

As a fact, the word “denier” is merely a measurement term used to describe the ‘fineness’ of fiber in a certain fabric. A fabric satin comes in 250 denier or upper, but the one that we suggest is to use is 40 denier which is a width used for often for satin sheets. This essentially means that it will be light, but dense enough to “cover”. Satin also provides the rich look!

2. LED Dance Floors

Another factor in revamping is to bring in the LED dance floors! Bring back the retro look in high style! LED dance floors propose good looks and serve as one of the best ways to inspire people to dance. You can easily find LED dance floors on rentals or short term hire!

a. Sparkle LED Dance floor – the reasonable option

The sparkle dance-floors can be easily fitted and detached, making it just perfect for portable use. You can find tiles containing green, red and blue LEDs permitting you to change the color using a wireless remote. There are many dealers out there willing to offer their prices!

b. Standard LED Dance floor – a little expensive

These panels are more expensive than the sparkle ones. These are the standard installation panel ideal for nightclub and bar use. These panels need to be professionally fitted but can completely change the look of your function! The LED dance floors can generate any number of patterns and colors necessary, with no lamps to change. There are many dealers out there willing to offer their prices!

LED Dance Floor to Illuminate Your Wedding

Illuminated tracks are always a success at every wedding, whatever the style of it. The game of lights and colors will make your guests sit in a disco and create a fun atmosphere that will surely make your guests do not stop dancing throughout the party.

There is a great variety of types of LED dance floors, and each one offers different advantages and characteristics. That is why it is important that you think which one fits your wedding style, place and your budget at best. To know what your chances are we will share all the information about the main types of illuminated tracks.

The size and shape. The size and shape of the LED dance floors can be any; you can choose between square, rectangular and sometimes even circular, it all depends on the taste of the bride and groom.

The cost. Most often it is covered by each panel that forms the track, depending on the style of panels and lighting you want for your wedding party.

· Acrylic head. It is the cheapest option in the market since it does not use LEDs, that’s why saving becomes the biggest advantage of this type of track. On the other hand, you have to be aware that having no lights you will not be able to play with colors and music as you would with a lighted track with LEDs. The Wedding DJs track is made of a base also made of wood with unique acrylics in white color that will be illuminated by the common focus of different colors that can be turned off and on during the dance.

· Wooden path. It is one of the best and most recommended options for Bollywood DJs with carpet or garden weddings, as this will not damage the grass or the carpet at the time of the dance. These tracks were the first ones that came on the market, and it is a wooden platform with illuminated panels.

· Glass track with LEDs. It is the most attractive option; it is a track that has individual glass panels and LEDs that will illuminate each panel. The LED lights turn on automatically or with a particular lighting control that will achieve a special effects game between the track and the music, turning on and off to the beat of the music, or doing magnificent scenes, for example, for your first dance. Surely your guests will never forget the light show that these types of Bollywood DJs can offer.

· Track of panels with LEDs. These are the most expensive tracks on the market due to the sophistication of their panels. Thanks to each panel are independent you can create figures, patterns and with a little imagination until you can write their names on the dance floor.

Installation. The Wedding DJs can be installed almost on any flat surface, and even on swimming pools, if your wedding will be in a garden with swimming pool you can gain space installing the dance floor over the swimming pool, sure to look fabulous.

Beach Wedding Flowers for the Bouquet

To make a beach wedding perfect you need to have the right wedding flowers for your bouquet. It is important that you have the flowers put together to make the most of their colors along with complementing the wedding theme and colors. There are any different tropical flowers that you can mix and match for your wedding flowers. Tropical flowers have vibrant colors that will not clash with each other and you can even have different colors of the same flower.

White rose’s combination

When you are arranging the bouquet make sure that you have an even set of six wedding flowers placed together in your bouquet. A beautiful combination is medium-sized white roses mixed with roses that compliment your wedding theme. This bouquet will give you a strong yet subtle array of colors. To hold the base of the flowers intact, use a golden mesh type material. Tie it with a ribbon that compliments your wedding theme. Throw some sprinkled shine on the bouquet to have a beautiful rose bouquet.


This flower offers a variety of colors like blue, violet, wand white. They would look great as wedding flowers in your bouquet. Again, use white and the color that complements your wedding decor. You could use a few white orchids mixed with two of the colors in your wedding colors. With these being wedding flowers for your beach wedding, add some seashell highlights glued to your bouquet ribbon that is holding the flowers together. You can also use small teardrop that you can stick on some of the petal to make it look like water droplets on the petals.

Bird of Paradise

These wedding flowers burst with colors of bright blue and orange. If you are having a morning wedding these will look spectacular in the sunlight. The sunlight appears to make the color pop and is a simple arrangement to put together. To wrap the bottom of the flowers use a bejeweled mesh.


These wedding flowers are the personification of class, style, and elegance. Using Dahlias will make your bouquet one of a kind. These flowers come in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink, red, white, lavender, orange, and bi-colors. They range in size from two inches to one foot in diameter.

These are just some of the different wedding flowers that you can use in your bouquet. When you choose flowers make sure that they will not easily wilt in the sun because nothing looks worse than a bouquet of wilting wedding flowers. You will also need to decide if you want flowers that do or do not have a scent. It may help to have a drawing of what you want your bouquet to look like when choosing wedding flowers.

Top 5 Makeup Tips for the Bride’s Mother

As we start talking about a perfect wedding, the immediate picture that comes to our mind is the bride with a subtle makeup walking down the aisle. However, weddings are not only about the bride. It’s a big day for the bride’s mother too as she is the one who will be standing beside her daughter extending her support for the next milestone. Therefore, the bride’s mother needs to carry out a vintage yet classy look for the entire day.

However, the makeup of bride’s mother will not be same as that of the bride’s. Hiring a professional artist, who specialists in wedding makeup, will prove to be a wise idea in case of taking care of the bride’s mothers look. Here are some expert tips for the bride’s mother that will help them in achieving a stunning look for the day.

Stick to your personal taste: As the bride’s mother, you are not required to quit your styling sense and look unnatural. Consult with your makeup artist along with the fashion designer to keep your style subtle yet fabulous, as always.

Take inspiration: It will be a wise decision on your part to do a bit of research regarding the bride’s mother’s looks. There is nothing bad in getting inspired by the works done by other artists. You can also show some examples to your makeup artist asking him/her to create the similar look you found out either from the Internet or magazines that you have browsed.

Go for a trial run: Trial runs are not only for the brides or grooms but as the bride’s mother you can also go for a trial run with your makeup artist and outfit designer. Tell them about your plan and disclose the inspirational looks on the trial run. Coming with a concrete plan will surely help you to look your best on the big day.

Nurture your skin: It is essential for you to provide your skin with the essential nourishment before the makeup artist starts applying makeup on you. Having a beauty session with the professional makeup artist will let you experiment with several skin care products beforehand. The skin care tips will further help in making your skin compatible with the makeup on your big day. Moreover, as you are ageing, your skin is going through exfoliation. The professionals will also assist you to get rid of the problem early on the big day.

Experiment with your eyes and lips: You need to remember that you will also be the center of attraction on your daughter’s wedding day. Therefore, overdoing the makeup may spoil your classic appeal. To keep a minimal approach, try avoiding something too gawdy and glittery. Rather, ask your makeup artist to give you a matte shade on both the eyes and lips. However, adding a little bit of shimmer would enhance your beauty. Try to cover up the appearance of face wrinkles by using light or medium coverage foundation.

Whatever makeup you put on your face, if you don’t know how to carry out, your expectations will not be fruitful. Make sure you wear water resistant makeup so that sweat, water or tears cannot spoil your beauty. You will find a wide array of makeup artists who will pamper you with their special beauty treatments so that your gracious appearance can amaze the onlookers.